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This Week's Tasting March 24th

Each wine has a story, so every week we host a Friday Tasting from 7-9pm.

It's our opportunity to put you in front of wines and the people behind them. And most importantly to taste! RVSP by emailing us here or call (305) 445-4567. $20 includes a glass to take home and all you care to drink and learn.  Join the Wet Noses Newsletter to receive the week's tasting announcement on Wednesdays.

Domestic  &  European
 FRIDAY   7-9pm
Domestic & European
 Pinot Noirs
Friday March 24th 7-9pm
Pinot Noir may be the toughest grape to grow, but the effort is well worth the investment. It is a fickle grape that demands optimum growing conditions, calling for warm days consistently supported by cool evenings. Pinot Noir is a lighter colored and flavored red wine, well-suited to pair with an array of foods. Its flavors are reminiscent of sweet red berries, plums, tomatoes, cherries and at times a notable earthy or wood-like flavor, depending on specific growing conditions. When it's on its like waking up in the most comfortable feather bed and never wanting to get out...Silky, warm, sexy and oh so...... Domestic or the World ??? You decide!
Wines to be tasted: 
Evesham Wood Willamette Valley 2015
Banshee Sonoma County 2014
Bergstom Shea Vineyard Yamhill-Carlton 2014
Peay Vineyards Sonoma County 2014
Regis Bouvier Bourgogne en Montre Cul 2013
La Soeur Cadette Bourgogne 2015
Forey Bourgogne 2014
David Moreau Santenay Clos Rousseau 2013 
$20 get you in and a Riedel Glass with RSVP to 
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